When to Replace Tires and Wheels on a Boom or Scissor Lift

C-Tech Industries offers a wide variety of wheels and tires including non-marking, smooth, ribbed and more! The question is, “when should you replace your wheels or tires?” The professionals at C-Tech Industries will help keep your equipment rolling with our latest Tech Tips.  

First and foremost, follow the inspection and replacement procedures and requirements in your equipment manual and order the correct tires and wheels in your equipment parts manual.  If you need an equipment manual, C-Tech Industries has you covered!  If you need help identifying which tire or wheel is correct for your equipment, call our toll-free help line at 877-755-7311.

Second, know what types of tires are on your lift.  Electric scissor lifts will most likely have solid hard rubber non-marking tires (these are usually grey or white) pressed on to the wheel assembly.  Rough Terrain scissor lifts and boom lifts would most likely use foam or pneumatic air filled tires.

Aerial Lift Tires and Wheels

Third, you should routinely inspect all tires for cuts, tears, or missing chunks to the tread area and sidewalls.  Additionally, solid rubber tires should be frequently checked to ensure they are completely bonded to the rim. If there is any damage to the tire, it should be replaced with the recommended tire or wheel assembly documented in the equipment parts manual.   While tires and wheels can be replaced individually, it is recommended to replace all tires and wheels at the same time to ensure stability on your boom or scissor lift.   Keep in mind, as little as a 1/4" difference in overall tire height from side to side can cause stability problems.

Finally, make sure lug nuts are torqued after replacing a tire or wheel assembly. In the case of electric scissor or boom lifts, ensure a static strap is installed to dissipate static charge created by the non-marking tire. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help you select the correct tire or wheel assembly for your boom or scissor lift via our toll-free helpline 1-888-755-7311, fax, email, or chat or shop for our complete line of tires and wheels today!