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Supersessions and Retrofits


As equipment becomes older, many of the components that were originally manufactured become obsolete, vendors go out of business, or the quantity of the items sold make it too expensive to produce. For these reasons, the manufacturers of equipment will either supersede or supply a retrofit kit for the item(s) that are no longer available. Fortunately, there are safer, better, and often more durable products that exist on the market known as superseded and retrofit parts.

A superseded part is a backwards compatible item that can operate with an older component or part. At C-Tech, these parts are what we like to call “Plug and Play.” With “Plug and Play” parts, there is no modification or adjustment required to use. For example, the 159108 SkyJack Joystick  is a “Plug and Play” item that replaced the 123994 SkyJack Joystick.

159108 Updated Joystick

A retrofit part will normally be in a “kit” form and will require a small amount of work or modification to allow it to work properly. C-Tech provides complete retrofit kits with all the parts, hardware and instructions to get you back to work quicker. If you need further help, our technical support is available on our toll free help line at 1-877-755-7311, email or chat.

122972 Update Kit

Superseded and retrofit parts are designed for exact form, fit, and function to replace the original. They may not be identical looking to the original, but they will work the same or better. These parts were changed for many reasons such as durability, safety, cost, etc. In some cases, superseded and retrofit items will cost less and last longer than the original.

 At C-Tech, we try to keep up with the latest and most cutting edge technologies available to provide the best products for our customers.

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