Joystick Troubleshooting

Over the year’s the C-Tech customer service team has received numerous calls about possible joystick problems.  How do you know when it’s time to replace your Genie or Skyjack joystick or when it could be a sign of another issue?

An operator may often feel a “pop” or “snap” in a joystick, various electronic functions may not work or work slowly, it may be leaking, and the joystick won’t raise the loader or platform basket.  Some joystick functions may still be working; it will lower, dump, steer, low speed works, and curl the bucket, but not lift the platform or bucket.

If this happens, it may be time to troubleshoot the joystick.

  1. Does the positioner/return spring work correctly?

  2. Is the control cable adjusted accordingly? 

  3. Are the trim pots adjusted appropriately?

  4. Is the spring greased?

  5. Is everything clean on the components?

  6. Are switches not making contact with the gears?

Once you have done some of the troubleshooting, it’s time to see if you need to replace Joystick Parts or the complete joystick.  We also offer complete control boxes for most scissor lift equipment.  Common Joystick Parts than can wear out with high usage include:

Kit Handle


Rubber Boots and Caps

Actuator Switch Rocker

If you have determined that the joystick is the issue and not a parts issue, C-Tech joysticks are tested under load with digital test fixtures and must pass rigorous quality standards.  Troubleshooting and cleaning the components may help with cost savings if you can determine if it’s a parts issue, and our complete joysticks and control boxes are competitively priced and stocked for immediate shipping.  If you need to replace the joystick, the most requested Joysticks brands at C-Tech include:




If you determine you need a new Joystick Controller, two of our top selling controllers are:

Genie  101174 Genie Joystick Controllerfits many Telescopic Boom Lift Models S-40, S-45, S-60, S-65, S-80, and several Genie Articulating Boom Lift Models including Z-135/70, Z 45 XC, Z51/30J.

Genie 101175 Genie Joystick Controller, which works with many Genie Telescopic Boom lifts, and Genie Articulating Boom Lift Models Z-45/25 IC, Z-45/25J.

If you need help selecting or installing your new joystick, contact our experts at 1-877-755-7311,, or chat with us live on our website.