What is a joystick controller? A joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. Some joysticks are proportional, meaning that a variable electrical signal controls the stroking of the valve spool over metering ports. This produces a variable flow of hydraulic fluid thereby providing the ability to vary the speed of the actuator being controlled. This variable positioning allows spools to be designed with metering notches to provide flow/speed control as well as directional control functions all in one valve, instead of requiring separate valves for direction and speed. To put it simply, the further your push the joystick from center, the faster the equipment will go. Many of these proportional joysticks can be adjusted slightly with trim potentiometers on the board

The trim “pots” can increase or decrease functions, depending if they are turned clockwise or counterclockwise. Trim pots are typically labeled and control their named function. Those labels are Thresh (Threshold is when a joystick is first cracked from centered position), LO (Low Range = 1st speed), MID (Mid-Range = 2nd speed), HI (High range or MAX OUT = High Speed), and Ramp (Time Delay). C-Tech joysticks ship pre-adjusted to be within normal operating range. If you find you need help adjusting your joystick, please contact us on our toll free help line at 1-877-755-7311 and our technical specialists will happily offer assistance. 

C-Tech is proud to be the first to the aftermarket with a newer technology called Hall Effect. Hall Effect was discovered by Edwin Hall in 1879 and is the production of a voltage difference across an electrical conductor, transverse to an electric current in the conductor and a magnetic field perpendicular to the current. Hall Effect controllers typically use less moving parts than traditional controllers and offer increased precision on measurement of movement in comparison to carbon potentiometers and gears.  C-Tech Hall Effect controllers utilize compact and rugged mechanical controller designs that offer EMC (EMI, RFI, and Magnetic Field) protection. 

For over 20 years, C-Tech has been the leading source for joystick controllers for boom and scissor lifts.  All C-Tech joysticks are new and come with a 1-year warranty. Here at C-Tech, we stock a wide variety of joysticks for same day shipping, in most cases to get your equipment back up and running, and all orders over $500 ship ground for free! All C-Tech joysticks are tested under load by a state-of-the-art digital test fixture and must pass rigorous C-Tech quality standards, so you can trust you are receiving the highest quality product at the most competitive price. This month only, we are offering 15% off our already low wholesale pricing on all of our joystick controllers with the code MOVE15. Contact us at 877-755-7311, email us at or chat live with us on our website for help on any of our joystick controllers.