Installing C-Tech Joysticks in JLG Boom Lifts

Do you need to replace your JLG Boom Lift joystick? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of Aerial Lift joystick experts is here to help!  When ordering a new joystick, you may be asking yourself: What is ADE? Why does the joystick in my equipment look different than the joystick I received? How do I install the joystick?

First, JLG’s ADE system stands for Advanced Design Electronics.  This microprocessor controlled system is found in JLG 400, 450, 600, 800 straight and articulating booms, as well as electric 300, 400, 450, and 600 booms after serial number breaks. and controls everything from engine and hydraulic functions to offering diagnostics with the JLG Handheld Analyzer.  If your joystick and switch plug into a black epoxied module at the bottom of the control box, then your equipment was designed with ADE.  JLG control boxes designed with ADE typically have the JLG ADE sticker on them. 

A few years ago, JLG unveiled Hall Effect joysticks which utilize magnets and circuit boards instead of potentiometers and gears, improving reliability and quality.  If the joystick in your control box looks different than the joystick you received, it may be because of an update.  If you’re not sure, just contact us

In addition to changes in technology, there are several versions of JLG Boom Joysticks that are not interchangeable.  JLG 450A/AJ series I utilize drive/steer and lift/swing joysticks that have their own circuit board(s) installed as part of the joystick assembly itself.  JLG 450A/AJ series II before ADE use drive/steer and lift/swing joysticks that do not have Hall Effect updated joysticks.  JLG E300A/AJ/AJP as well as a number of other electric booms like E450, E45A, E600, M400 to M600 A/AJ/AJP, and more utilize drive/steer and lift/swing joysticks and their Hall Effect updates that have white Mate-N-Lock connectors.  JLG 450A/AJ series II, 600S/SJ and more boom lifts after ADE use drive/steer and lift swing joysticks, and their Hall Effect updates that have ampseal connectors.   If you think you may have purchased the wrong joystick, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Installing these joysticks is easy once you know all the tricks. Start by removing all the mounting screws.  Next, attach the boot to the joystick’s casting.  Remove the bezel from the lift swing joystick’s boot, open the control box lid, and bring the handle or knob up through the lid.  Then replace the bezel on the lift swing joystick and mount the joystick to the top of the box.

Replacing the boots is an important part of maintaining your joysticks, and C-Tech has you covered with a complete line of joystick parts.  If you need assistance replacing the boot on your joystick, give us a call on our Toll-Free Help Line at 1-877-755-7311, email us at or chat with us on our website.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by to help!