Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, our lives have all been turned upside down, and many of us are more than ready to go back to normal.  Through it all, even though keeping essential business such as yours up and running is vital and a responsibility we take pride in, it shouldn’t be our main concern. Our minds are focused on staying safe, taking care of our friends and family, and helping out one another in times of need. With all the uncertainty in the world, sometimes it takes some perspective and appreciation to realize how much of an impact you can have on the world.

As an essential business in the logistics and material handling industry, C-Tech moved quickly to ensure we could continue to provide the exceptional products and customer service our customers rely on.  Our company worked to get everyone able to work from home within nine days; something we previously thought would take nine months. Through it all, we banded together to help ensure customers are getting the service they rely on, while still getting the essential goods when they are needed most. We’ve seen so many acts of kindness and solidarity during these last three months; it gives us hope and reminds us of the power of human perseverance and ingenuity. 

In this time of need, we are proud to do our part to ensure our customers continue to have access to the parts and customer service they need to keep their equipment running.  C-Tech is honored to do our part to keep our world working during these unprecedented times and forever thankful to all of our customers for their hard work and dedication.  We will get through this together, and be stronger than ever before.

Take Care,

C-Tech Technical Service