C-Tech Redesigned Hall Effect Joysticks


C-Tech Industries is a leading manufacturer of joysticks and control boxes for Boom and Scissor Lift equipment. Our products are designed to meet the form, fit, and function of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s part and, at times, even improve upon the original design. 

Some of our most popular joysticks, used to replace Genie® joystick controller part numbers 101174101175101005, and 101173, feature a C-Tech exclusive redesign. 

C-Tech Redesigned Hall Effect Joysticks

Our heavy-duty joysticks feature a non-contact Hall Effect circuit board and Advanced Centering Technology.  The joysticks are redesigned on a more robust and proven mechanical platform with a lower parts count for improved reliability.  The outputs are controlled via a programmable micro-controller that allows for a repeated and predictable output in any and all positions. 

The C-Tech Genie® Hall-Effect joystick differences are transparent, other than the larger protective casting; the differences, in fact, just help the joysticks work better.

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