How to Configure a Battery Drain Alarm on Genie Scissor Lift


We recently received a call from a customer who had purchased one of the control boxes we designed and manufactured to replace Genie® 100840 Generation 5 Control Box. There was an issue with an alarm that would constantly sound when the scissor lift was left unused.  This is the battery drain alarm and while the issue sounds alarming, the solution is simple.

Step 1: Pull out the red Emergency Stop button to the on position at the ground controls.

Step 2: Push in the red Emergency Stop button to the off position on the C-Tech platform control box.

Step 3: Turn the key switch to platform control.

Step 4: On the C-Tech platform control box, press and hold the lift function select and speed select buttons, and pull out the red Emergency Stop button to the on position. The diagnostic display, at the platform control and the ECM, will show “SC” for software configuration. 

C-Tech Generation 5 Control Box Decal

Step 5: Release the lift function select and speed select buttons. The diagnostic display will show the current configuration.

Step 6: Press the speed select button. The ones digit setting will be activated and the current ones digit setting will flash in the diagnostic display.

Step 7: Press the horn button. The dot, located in the lower right of the diagnostic display window, will disappear. This indicates that the battery drain alarm has been deactivated. 

Step 8: Turn the key switch to the off position for the software change to take effect. 

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