Let’s Connect - More Ways to Contact C-Tech

As we all know, 2020 has turned out to be a year filled with more than its fair share of challenges.  Things are still changing, but we know keeping your machines running and reducing downtime is always a priority at C-Tech.  2020 has been a year of disruption for many businesses, more people are working from home, and new technologies allow people to order in different ways.  We want you to place your order safely and secure online.  If this is your first time ordering or a seasoned veteran, here are all the ways you can communicate with C-Tech

C-Tech Search:  The search box is the most used resource on the  C-Tech website.  This feature is located on the menu bar on the right-hand side for easy access.   The search box allows you to search by part type, manufacturer, or part number.  New customers can check on inventory levels and price shop.  Returning customers can use this tool to find the replacement part they are looking for quickly.  Many parts have photos that allow you to confirm with your part buyer or mechanic before you place your order.  Once you locate the serial number and check on inventory, just add to your cart and find the next item on your list.

Live Chat:  Need immediate help? The C-Tech chat box is the tool you are looking for in a hurry. The C-Tech Customer Support team can help you confirm a serial number, update you on product availability and let you know the shipping options available.  Many customers use the live chat with their browser open, this allows them to get their questions answered, and they can place the answers in a text document.   With many companies working online, remotely, and in the store, this chat feature allows you to keep business moving and respond to your team.

Call:  Some C-Tech customers prefer to call C-Tech with their order; the toll-free number is 877-755-7311. Suppose you are at the construction site, out of the office, on the road, or even if you are ordering for the first time and are unsure what part you need. Calling us allows you to get your question answered by the experienced C-Tech staff, many of whom have industry experience buying, selling, and working on aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, and boom lift equipment.   If wi-fi is not available, this option allows you to contact customer service, confirm availability, shipping, and answer any technical questions.  Operators are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM central time.

Email:  C-Tech customers can take advantage of email when they need to get a written quote or have a large order and upload a list of parts.  Email also allows you to submit your question and continue working while waiting for a response. It’s also common for customers to send a photo along with the part number.   If you are at the shop and have a list of parts, or you need parts for multiple pieces of equipment. The email address is info@ctech-ind.com

2020 has seen a few changes, more people are ordering online, and C-Tech is ready to answer your questions and help you make a purchase.  Just log-in and follow the checkout steps, select your shipping address, and choose your payment choice.  If you have any questions along the way, contact us at 877-755-7311, email us at info@ctech-ind.com or chat with us live on our website.