Battery Troubleshooting

Batteries and battery products are the heart of your Mobile Elevating Work Platform and are responsible for ensuring your electric scissor lifts and boom lifts are working throughout the day. Most electric boom and scissor lifts are designed to offer a complete day of work on a full charge. A battery pack not showing a full charge after being plugged in overnight, or a machine running out of power well before the end of a workday, are red flags that some maintenance or replacement of battery system products are required.

If your battery is not charging or not holding a charge correctly, follow these steps to diagnose the issue. First, read your equipment manual and follow all safety and warnings to disconnect all power. Next, remove the rubber grommets on the battery posts and ensure the battery posts are free of corrosion and battery cables are clean and tight. You may need to purchase new connectors, covers, or cables if any are damaged. For lead acid batteries, remove the battery filler caps and top-off batteries with distilled water only. Tap water contains minerals that will reduce battery capacity and increase the batteries own self-discharge rate. This may be a good time to take a look at the acid levels using a hydrometer. Gel or AGM do not require water service. If you need to purchase new batteries, C-Tech has you covered! Always keep the battery banks clean of dirt or debris and make sure the batteries stay dry. Dirty, wet batteries can cause surface discharge that can lead to reduced machine operating durations. At this time, you can also perform an amp-draw test using a high quality digital or carbon pile battery tester on each battery. Average auto parts load testers will only pull 40-60 amps and this is not enough for small machine batteries. 

Finally, inspect the connection to the battery charger. It is possible you have a grey or red quick connector that may need to be replaced. Another thing that you can examine is that the AC plug and cord is properly connected to the battery charger. Depending on your battery charger, you may have noticed a buzzer and/or 1-3 lights blinking at varying intervals during charging. If 3 LEDs blink once simultaneously, the output connection may be corroded, loose, the wires may be pinched, or the polarity may be reversed. If the 3 LEDs blink twice simultaneously, there is a problem with the AC input voltage. This would most likely occur when plugged into a generator. If 3 LEDs blink 3 times simultaneously, the charger is overheating and the charger will automatically re-start when it cools. Check the charger for dirt or debris on the case, especially the fins. If 3 LEDs blink 4 times simultaneously, the output is over current and will re-start automatically. If the 100% LED blinks while the 50% and 75% LEDs are off, then the 18-hour timer has elapsed or a bad cell in the battery has been detected. You should immediately replace your batteries. An overloaded AC circuit, defective circuit breaker, defective fuse, or a charger problem can cause the charger to fail to operate. If you plug the charger into a different and operational outlet and the AC supply check is good, you should replace your charger

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help you select the correct battery products or battery charger for your boom or scissor lift via our toll-free helpline 1-888-755-7311, email, or chat or shop below!