Wheels & Tires Tech Tips from C-Tech

Wheels and tires are critical components for scissor lift and boom lift equipment. Aside from their most common function of keeping us moving, they provide the foundation for maintenance, comfort, and stability. When wheels and tires suffer wear and tear, it is important to know when and how to replace them.

First, it is important to know that various wheel and tire types serve many different functions. There are hard rubber wheels and tires, and pneumatic wheels and tires.

Hard rubber, non-marking tires are typically used in indoor spaces where the ground is smooth and flat. These wheels and tires leave minimal markings on the concrete, but do not provide much traction, so a wet surface could be a problem.

Pneumatic tires are filled with air or foam. Pneumatic tires provide the traction, stability, and comfort that hard rubber tires cannot. These tires are best used outdoors or in rough environments.

Filling tires with air or foam is dependent upon manufacturer specifications. The biggest advantage foam provides over air is that the tire will not go flat when punctured. This is an increased safety benefit over air-filled tires. Foam-filled tires provide similar levels of shock absorption as air-filled, but some added benefits include a reduced amount of bouncing, greater comfort to the driver, and increased load-bearing safety in rough terrain.

How do you know when it is time to replace your tires? It is very similar to your car’s tires: when the tread is worn low, you need to replace them. This can vary on manufacturer’s specifications, but it is typically around 30% wear. Other instances that require replacement are extreme damage, like a chunk being taken out, or drying and cracking. Another important tip when replacing wheels and tires is that you should replace them in pairs on the same axle. This maintains even wear and balance and ensures maximum safety during operation.

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